At our core, we are a community. 

Blocks for Haiti was birthed from the idea that every family deserves a safe place to raise their children, and learn to love well. Beginning in 2012, we built our first home in the village of Canaan, just outside of Port-au-Prince. Canaan shares the same name as the Biblical promised land. This is no accident. Following the 2010 earthquake, hundreds of thousands of families were left homeless, with no resources to rebuild within Port-au-Prince. Many of these families relocated to the previously bare hillside now known as Canaan- a promised place of new beginnings and restoration. 

In the last four years, we've learned that this truth of restoration is so intertwined with the building of a new home. We've also learned that in working with the families of Canaan to build homes, we are working to build a strong, thriving community. As we move forward, we aim to be a bridge between the families we work with, and resources that will empower them to a life of both financial and spiritual stability. 

We believe in job creation that does more.

We currently operate with a staff of six full time Haitian employs. Our goal is to train our employs with a strong work ethic, a desire to give back, and a deep love for Jesus. As our employs grow and mature, we want to offer them opportunities to use the skills they learn while making block, building homes, and leading teams to further their education, and build thriving businesses of their own. 

We believe in a team effort. 

Our Block Machine utilizes a unique press to form interlocking concrete block. This design allows us to build stable homes able to withstand the harsh island weather, while using less supplies, making our resources go farther. All of our blocks are hand pressed each day by our Block Team, a true labor of community. 

We believe in partnering with American teams to build our homes, because if people don't come to Haiti, they'll never know the true beauty and resilience of the Haitian people. Our home builds are a chance for our visiting team to learn from our Block Team. We ask the family receiving the home to work alongside us each day as well, encouraging a sense of ownership and accomplishment. 

We believe a home is only the beginning.

At the heart of all we do is the belief that the love of Jesus transforms us, and offers us a place in a beautiful, grace covered family, We believe that block making and home building are a gateway to deep, long lasting relationships. Our prayer is that each employ, each family, and each team that joins us encounters the love of God in a real, life-changing way.